Considering Selling Your Business

Considering Selling Your Business?

Our no-cost system provides you with access to pre-screened business brokers through a quick and simple process.
How Can We Help

How Can We Help

Our proprietary knowledgebase tracks a broker’s education, experience, transaction success, and sell through rates to ensure you are matched with the most qualified brokers in the market.
Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

We Specialize in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Whether your business has no employees or 1,000 or is making a profit or not, we can help find the right broker to sell your business – at no cost to you.

How it Works

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Our multipoint analysis reveals the best broker for your business.

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Meet with your business broker to start the sales process.

Did You Know?

Selling a business presents more challenges than selling a home or commercial property.

Business listings

Business listings
rejected by broker

Business brokers decline to list about 60% of the business opportunities because they label them as “not the right fit or unsellable.”

We locate brokers that are excited about listing your business and getting it sold.

Average time

Average time
it takes to sell

It takes on the average 6.8 months to sell a small-to-medium sized business.

Working with a broker that specializes in your business category or market area can reduce the time it takes to sell your business.

Listed businesses

Listed businesses
fail to close

Selling a business is not like selling a home or a commercial property. On the average, 38% of listed businesses never sell.

Working with the most qualified broker gives you the best chance for a successful transaction.

Industries Served

We specialize in small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Whether your business is well established or just getting started, profitable or not,
we’ll match you with the business broker that will get your business sold.


Here’s what our
clients are saying

Used the service and found a great broker to sell my busiess. If I ever know of anyone that wants to sell a business, I will definitely point them to Exit Boost.

  • Gilbert M.

Exit boost connected me with three well qualified brokers. Ended going with one and was able to sell by business in less than three months

  • Sarah G.

When I decided to sell my online business, I struggled for months looking for a broker that can help me until I found Align Brokers. The process was very simple and efficient, and my business was on the market in less than two weeks.

  • Matt N

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